Der Sensor meldet als Alarm die Zahlenfolge (als Beispiel!) - was bedeutet das?


Alarme werden in der Eaton als SNMP-OIDs wiedergegeben. Diese OIDs haben folgende feste Bedeutung, basierend auf der UPS-MIB.mib:

OIDinterner NameBedeutung

One or more batteries have been determined to require

replacement. UPS is drawing power from the batteries. remaining battery run-time is less than or equal

to upsConfigLowBattTime.

The UPS will be unable to sustain the present load

when and if the utility power is lost. temperature is out of tolerance. input condition is out of tolerance.

An output condition (other than OutputOverload) is

out of tolerance. output load exceeds the UPS output capacity. Bypass is presently engaged on the UPS. Bypass is out of tolerance.

The UPS has shutdown as requested, i.e., the output

is off. entire UPS has shutdown as commanded.

An uncorrected problem has been detected within the

UPS charger subsystem. output of the UPS is in the off state. UPS system is in the off state.

The failure of one or more fans in the UPS has been detected. failure of one or more fuses has been detected. general fault in the UPS has been detected.

The result of the last diagnostic test indicates a failure.

A problem has been encountered in the communications

between the agent and the UPS.

The UPS output is off and the UPS is awaiting the

return of input power. upsShutdownAfterDelay countdown is underway.

The UPS will turn off power to the load in less than

5 seconds; this may be either a timed shutdown or a

low battery shutdown.

A test is in progress, as initiated and indicated by

the Test Group. Tests initiated via other

implementation-specific mechanism…